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The RMI has established three Centers (UC Davis Olive Center, Center for Wine Economics, and the Honey and Pollination Center).  Find out more about their activities.


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    Olive Center

    The UC Davis Olive Center is a self-funded university/industry coalition that seeks to do for olives what UC Davis did for wine. The center features dozens of UC faculty members, extension research specialists and farm advisors who address the research and education needs of California olive growers and processors.

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    Honey & Pollination Center

    Promote the use of high quality honey in the California market, help ensure the sustainability of honey production in California, and showcase the importance of honey and pollination to the wellbeing of Californians.

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    Center for Wine Economics

    The RMI Center for Wine Economics undertakes and facilitates research and education about the economics of the production and consumption of wine grapes and wine in California and around the world.

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