cheddar cheese

Cheddar Cheese Making & Elements of Dairying

In Cheddar Cheese Making & Elements of Dairying, John Wright Decker offers us a unique firsthand account of how cheese was made in the late 1800s, a time when the science of cheese making was just beginning to unravel its mysteries. The experiences of his students were not unlike those being faced by today’s farmstead and artisanal cheese makers. Decker was an instrumental force in the United States and Canada, establishing the idea that to develop a better overall dairy industry, cheese makers had to produce better cheeses. And better cheeses come from educated cheese makers.


olive pioneers

California's Olive Pioneers: Early Essays on Olives & Olive Oil

This collection of thirteen essays were carefully chosen after a thorough and thoughtful examination of dozens of late-nineteenth-century newspapers, magazines, bulletins, journals, pamphlets, and books. Each essay is published here in its entirety, including original illustrations and color plates.



wine press

The Wine Press and the Cellar

The Wine Press and the Cellar was the first book I read on winemaking” writes Paul Draper, distinguished California winemaker at Ridge vineyards, in the foreword of this beautiful 125th-anniversary edition. This exquisite reproduction includes the book’s fifty-seven illustrations.



cal vegetables

The California Vegetables in Garden and Field

First published in 1897 by the Pacific Rural Press of San Francisco, The California Vegetables in Garden and Field, by Edward James Wickson (1848-1923), appeared midway in Wickson's foundational career as an agricultural writer and faculty member at the College of Agriculture at the University of California