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Friends of the Robert Mondavi Institute

Become a Friend of the Robert Mondavi Institute to receive special invitations to conferences, workshops, seminars, as well other unique events hosted by the most prestigious wine, brewing and food institute in the world. Funds from this program are directed by the Executive Director, in consultation with the Executive Committee and Board of Executives, toward the most important outreach and research activities. If you are interested in supporting the programs and activities at the Robert Mondavi Institute, and for more information about our Friends Program, please call (530) 754-6349.

Epicurean $5000

  • Recognition as an individual sponsor of a Robert Mondavi Institute Special Event
  • Plus all Gourmand Level Benefits

Gourmand $2500

  • One private tour (max. 10 guests) of the Robert Mondavi Institute Sensory Building, Good Life Garden, LEED Platinum Winery, Brewery, Food and Milk Processing facility led by a faculty member from Viticulture and Enology and/or Food Science and Technology
  • One additional Winkler Dinner Ticket (two total, Fair Market Value: $300)
  • Private Wine Tasting with the Executive Director of the Robert Mondavi Institute
  • Plus all Reserve Level Benefits

Reserve $1000

  • Special invitation to all “Uncorked” monthly wine tastings hosted at the Robert and Margrit Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts
  • One Winkler Dinner Ticket (Fair Market Value $150) which supports the Student Organization DEVO in the Department of Viticulture and Enology
  • Plus all Vintage Level Benefits

Vintage $500

  • Invitation to Friends Holiday Celebration
  • Plus all Culinary Level Benefits

Culinary $250

  • Invitation to Fall Welcome, Spring Sense-ation and special recognition on website, e-news letter and annual report (anonymous optional)
  • Early registration opportunities for all Robert Mondavi Institute events
  • Volunteer opportunities for Conferences, Short Courses, Special Events, and Tastings



    Support The Robert Mondavi Institute

    With your help, UC Davis is taking its food and wine programs to the next level of excellence and helping industries in those vital sectors prepare for future challenges.

    Friends of the Robert Mondavi Institute

    Epicurean Level ($5,000+)

    • Doug and Juli Muhleman

    Gourmand ($2,500)

    • Clare Hasler-Lewis and Cameron Lewis
    • Roger White
    • Russell & Sheila Kaufman

    Reserve Level ($1,000)

    • Al & Margaret Giuliani
    • DeWayne & Lauren Quinn
    • Glenn Workman
    • James & Penelope Shackelford
    • Elizabeth Clair
    • Sara Clair
    • Randy Cobb & Kathie Benko
    • Mary Horton
    • Barb Stuckey
    • Chuck & Lori Krouse
    • Darrell Corti
    • John Lescroart & Lisa Sawyer
    • Reed Youmans & Susan Hare-Youmans
    • Ashok Patel
    • Glenn & Julie Nedwin
    • Kay Gist
    • Jane Killebrew
    • Jose F. Goya
    • Fritz & Beverly Maytag
    • Margaret Lawson
    • Jeremy Benson
    • Dr. Laurence Seigler
    • Wayne & Jacque Bartholomew
    • Harold McGee
    • Nancy & Bill Roe
    • Rob & Sonya Twyman
    • Barry & Gail Klein
    • Susan & Dan Kimmel
    • Dave & Catherine Buscaglia
    • Joyce & Mark Cleaver

    Vintage Level ($500)

    • Murray & Laura Baria
    • Maynard Skinner & Cristy Jensen
    • Tom & Rebecca Ramme
    • Tori Blommer-O'Malley
    • Barbara Fingerut
    • David Rocke & Janine Mozee
    • Jina Lopez
    • Karl Gerdes & Pamela Rohrich
    • Robert & Barbara Leidigh

    Culinary Level ($250)

    • Dan & Sandy Sperling
    • John & Christine Bruhn
    • Seth Brunner & Linda Clevenger
    • Robert & Janice Boynton
    • Grant & Lois Chappell
    • Jean-Michel & Janet Valet
    • Bill & Laura Lacy
    • Paul Coletta
    • Clay Gregory
    • Rafael de la Fuente
    • Bill & Linda Schmidt
    • Don Roth & Jolàn Friedhoff